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The Dashboard provides for a Geo-enabled common operating picture, which empowers users to make the best decisions at the right times.

Real-time visibility of incidents, teams and resources allows for accurate situational intelligence of any emergency situation.

Dashboard Interface

Below is an overview of the main components that make up the Dashboard:

Dashboard Options

Below you can see the Dashboard options available. You can use these to modify the interface of your Dashboard to display or hide the different components available.

Auto Print

Toggle Option to turn 'auto print' on or off. 

Please Note: To ensure that you don't see the print dialogue box when this option's enabled, please follow these instructions

Auto Read

Toggle Option to turn 'auto read' on or off. 

Auto Read read requires the audio to be enabled on your chosen computer, as well as some form of speaker.

Auto Read Count

Sliding selection option to control how many broadcasts are auto read.

Street View

Toggle Option to turn 'street view' on or off. 

Tracking in Map Bounds

Toggle Option to turn 'tracking in map bounds' on or off. 

Tracking Radius

Sliding selection option to control the tracking radius.

Display only Incidents

Toggle Option to 'display only incidents' on or off. 

When enabled, any broadcast that isn't an incident will not display in your feed.

Dark Theme

Toggle Option to turn 'dark theme' on or off. 

The dark theme can make the data on your screen more visible in some instances.

Large Text

Toggle Option to turn the 'large text' option on or off. 

This option increases the size of the text for the current broadcast.

12 Hour Time

Toggle Option to select between '12 Hour Time' and 24 hour time. 


Toggle option to turn the system 'Screensaver' on or off.

The screensaver option will prevent 'screen burn' or 'ghosting' on your electronic display.


Toggle option to turn the 'weather' module on or off.


Dropdown menu to select your location for the weather module.


Toggle option to turn the 'BOM radar' on or off.


Dropdown menu to select your area for the BOM radar module.

External Widget

Toggle option to turn an 'external widget' on or off.


URL field to link to any 3rd party external widget.


Toggle option to turn the 'map' on or off.


Toggle option to turn the 'message' on or off.

Message List

Toggle option to turn the 'message list' on or off.


Toggle option to turn the 'attendance' on or off.

We suggest trying out the various options to work out the best interface layout for your situation

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