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It’s up to the group administrator to ensure the right people have the right permissions. These can be updated at any stage to provide for changing conditions.

To access a member’s permissions:

  1. Navigate to ‘Administration’ in the main menu

  2. Select ‘Members’ from the sub-menu

  3. Select the member you wish to modify permissions for

  4. Choose the ‘Permissions’ tab at the top of the popup dialogue box

General Permissions


Although administrators can set this option, members can also change this for themselves. This setting should be enabled for those who do not want their mobile number to be available to other members of their group.


This setting determines whether a member can send out broadcast messages. If enabled, you will need to choose which broadcast tags the member can send out messages to.

To do this, you will need to navigate to ‘Administration’ > ‘Broadcast Tags

Select the broadcast tag that you wish to allow your member to send messages to, and a popup dialogue box will appear. Select ‘ADD +’ in the top left-hand corner and choose your member from the list.


This setting is only relevant for those using non-smartphones and those who receive notifications via SMS. When enabled, each notification received via SMS will contain instructions for the member to refer to on how to respond to the notification.


This setting will enable your member to edit broadcast notifications after they have been sent out. This option is useful for when the details and location of a notification needs to be adjusted.

Group-specific Permissions


This setting indicates the ‘home group’ for a member, if they belong to more than one group.


This setting indicates whether the member in your group only sees alert-type incidents. When enabled, they are not shown in the active member list and do not see discussions.


This setting enables your member to create ‘Calendar Events’.

Please note: your member must also have the ‘Send Broadcast’ permission enabled in order to create events


This setting enables your member to ‘Close Incidents’. When an incident is closed, a report is automatically generated and emailed to everyone in your group who has the ‘Email Reports’ setting enabled.

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