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The Members area is the main control centre for BART, where most of your administration tasks are completed. The Members area is accessible to anyone who has a current BART membership, with additional options for those who are administrators. 

Within the Members Web App, you are able to complete most of the functions available within each of the other modules. 

The main areas of the Members Web App include:

  • Home
  • Messaging
  • Events
  • Availability
  • Documents
  • Teams
  • My Groups
  • Reports
  • Administration
  • Global
  • My Profile
  • Subscription

Home Page Overview

The Home Page has been designed to provide you with a visual overview of general BART usage. All information displayed on the Home Page is automatically generated, based on membership, turnouts, availability and current feeds.

Key Information

  • Your total turnouts (for the week, month or year)
  • The members on your team that are currently available
  • Incidents (within your jurisdiction) that are currently open
  • A list of the top 3 members with the most turnouts this month
  • Current feeds (broadcasts, discussions and events)
  • Member list (with qualifications and current availability)


Choose Group

The drop-down at the top of the page allows you to filter statistics for each of your BART groups. By default, ‘All Groups’ is selected, where you will see a combined total for each of your statistics (where applicable).

View Turnouts

In the ‘Total Turnouts’ feature box, you can see how many turnouts you personally have attended. Use the tabs on the left to toggle between weekly, monthly and yearly views.

Members Available

Here you will see a real-time view of the number of members available.

Incidents Open

Here you will see a real-time view of the number of open incidents.

Top Turnout Members

Here you will see the top 3 members in your specified group, who have turned-out the most times during the last month.

Your Feeds

View a quick list of all your latest feeds, including broadcasts, discussions and events.


See the current status of all your members from within a single list. Members are divided into their current availability statuses:

  • Available
  • Not Available
  • On Premises


The 3 graphs that display on your home page are:

  • Member Turnout Count
  • Average Arrival Times (to the incident
  • Average Arrival Times (to headquarters)

Each of the graphs is automatically generated using your group statistics. They’re also interactive, so if you move your mouse over the graph you will see a tool-tip containing more information.

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