What is BART?

BART is a software suite, designed to help those within the emergency services:

BART benefits all role levels involved in the turnout and incident response process:


BART is made up of 4 modules and a member’s area, used for administering the system:

BART Team App

(Smartphones and Tablet Devices)

Useful for individual members, brigade operations and administration

BART Dashboard


Used to manage both brigade and multi-brigade incidents

BART Turnout


Enables the collection and control of Area, District and Regional level information


(Web-based, Tablet Devices)

Assists with the management of resources across multiple agencies

Who is BART for?

BART can benefit entire communities, particularly those who need to work together closely in teams, despite differences in location.

Emergency Agencies

The BART system has been specifically engineered for emergency agencies, where its true power can be seen on a regional level through the management and interoperability of key agencies.

Not only can the various agencies work together seamlessly through the establishment of groups and teams within BART, but regional managers are able to gain valuable intelligence and situational awareness of the conditions at hand.

Some examples of emergency agencies in Australia using BART include:

Emergency management teams, search and rescue units, fire brigades, mapping crews, response teams, community monitoring and assistance crews, can all benefit from the advanced team co-operation features offered through the BART system.

Local Communities

BART can also benefit communities at a local level, by providing a direct communication link from support and volunteer crews to those working on the front-line.

One example of the local and wider communities working together is strike team ‘Staging Area Groups’. Another example of how communities can use BART is through the bringing together of specialists from adjoining communities to create specialist appliance teams.

Recovery teams can also be formed within BART to protect and support communities making them more resilient.